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The following videos show some of many of the HYLA’s applications:


Just as the air outdoors is cleaned by Mother Nature with water (i.e. rain, snow, dew, fog), the HYLA uses only water to wash the air inside your home. Cleaning the air is as simple as turning the HYLA on.

Deodorizing the Air

Deodorize or aromatize the air while washing it by adding any of HYLA’s scents to the water. Within minutes, you will smell the difference and feel revitalized. In addition HYLA offers a 100% biodegradable disinfectant that can be sprayed into the water.

Deep Cleaning with E-Brush

Efficiently deep clean your carpeted floors with the E-Brush and conveniently continue cleaning hard floors without adjustment.

Floor Cleaning with Multi-Purpose Brush

Scrub hard floors with the Multi-Purpose Brush’s bristles. Retract the bristles to gently clean delicate area rugs.

Floor Cleaning with Natural Bristle Floor Brush

Hard floors or more delicate surfaces can be cleaned with HYLA's Natural Bristle Floor Brush.

Picking up liquids with Transparent Nozzle

No need to cry over spilt milk! The Transparent Nozzle allows for the quick and tidy cleaning up of most liquids.

Wet Cleaning (mopping) of hard floors

Mops and sponges hold bacteria and create a wet, dirty mess on your floors. With the Wet Cleaning System’s Hard Floor Nozzle, you can now effectively and neatly mop your hard floors.

Wet Cleaning (shampooing) of carpeted floors

Spills or stains on your carpets can become permanent if not removed correctly and quickly. Shampoo carpeted floors with the Wet Cleaning System’s Carpet Nozzle.

Wet Cleaning (shampooing) of upholstery

Spills on your delicately upholstered furnishings can be easily remedied with our Wet Cleaning System and Upholstery Nozzle attachment. Use the HYLA Cleansers for additional cleaning-power.

Dusting of flowers with Spraying Nozzle

Our Wet Cleaning System’s Spraying Nozzle is ideal for regular dusting and water-washing of your delicate real or synthetic plants.

Cleaning the staircase with Hand Electro Brush

Cleaning of staircases with the Hand Electro Brush.

Cleaning the staircase with Hand Turbo Brush

Cleaning of staircases with the air-driven Hand Turbo Brush. A retractable crevice tool is used to clean corners.

Extended mobility with extra long hoses

Bookcases, shelves, staircases, cabinets and ceiling fans require our Extra Long Hoses. Easily reach tall furniture, navigate through books located on high-up shelves, or clean your staircase without constantly moving the HYLA.

De-clogging of Sinks

A clogged sink is an unsanitary, inconvenient mess that no one wants to deal with, and a plumber can be expensive! By using the Flexible Hose to suck up the water, you can save yourself time and money!

Polishing of hard floors

After they have been cleaned, vacuumed or mopped, wood floors can be polished or waxed with the HYLA Electro Polisher. Used with or without the removable polisher pad in conjunction with any brand polisher or wax, you can prolong the lifetime of your wood floors quickly and easily.

Blowing with Inflator

Utilizing the HYLA's exhaust air allows for the convenient inflating of balloons.

Using the Cushion Bag

To insure your pillows, linens and child’s stuffed animals are thoroughly cleaned, the HYLA cushion bags allow you to generate a vacuum, creating underpressure which causes dust mites to implode as you remove their waste and other dust & dirt particles.

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