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Hartmut Gassmann, President & CEO

Hartmut Gassmann began his professional career after finishing his military duties and a three and half year apprenticeship as an electronic technician. He spent seven years worldwide working for a company in the technical field, but in order to advance, returned to school and obtained a degree in engineering, allowing him to work as management in the same company for another two years. Mr. Gassmann then started a new career path in technical sales in Germany, where he was fortunate to make a connection with a company in the automotive industry – a supplier for BMW, Bosch, etc. – who were actively seeking an individual with the technical and sales experience to fill the position of President for their subsidiary in Greenville, SC. He held the position for two years, until embarking on the HYLA journey with his wife, Filiz Gassmann in 1996.

Filiz Gassmann, CFO & Co-CEO

Filiz Gassmann held an apprenticeship in business administration for a company which specialized in business export and import for three years. She began her professional career soon after as a General Manager for an international company selling home textiles, traveling extensively throughout Europe for three years. She obtained a degree in business administration and moved to the U.S. with her husband, Hartmut Gassmann, working directly with the President of the supplier for BMW. She obtained her real estate license and worked as a housing developer before beginning HYLA USA with her husband in 1996.

Stefan Doll, COO

Stefan Doll began his career at HYLA USA, Inc. with an internship in 2006. His consistent motivation and enthusiasm allowed him to quickly acquire the skills and knowledge needed for every aspect of the business, allowing him to be promoted to Chief Information Officer in 2008 and then to Chief Operations Officer in 2010. In addition to working directly with Hartmut and Filiz Gassmann and overseeing the daily office operations, his main focus continues to be information technology, especially the company's internal database and the HYLA U.S. website.

Prior to his employment with HYLA USA, Mr. Doll worked for various well-known German companies such as Otis and AEG, where his duties ranged from fundamental IT projects to taking the lead role in mechanical and electronic projects for AEG. Mr. Doll holds a master's degree in computer science from the Technical University of Berlin, Germany.

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