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Jane H. - Florida

The HYLA is not only a home cleaning device and an incredible air washing system, it truly changed my family's life. One of our sons had to take medication for asthma every day. It pained me as his Mother to have to give him chemicals every day to help him breathe properly. The medication also became an expense after time. My husband also suffered from seasonal allergies causing itchy eyes, congestion and a cough that would last for weeks. After using the HYLA in our home, our son no longer has to take medication and my husband's allergies have disappeared! There are so many other amazing ways we use the HYLA in our home. As most young families do, we get sick. We run our HYLA with essentail oils and we heal in a fraction of the time it used to take for us to get over these illnesses. We often have overnight guests. This can be an opportunity for germs to be spread. I HYLA clean each pillow, mattress and blanket after each use to ensure healthiness. Each night after I cook dinner, I run the HYLA so the food odors do not remain in our home. Our home is dust free and is always smelling beauitful. The HYLA has changed our lives for the better and we can't imagine life without it!

Evie T. - Missouri

We received a great but long testimonial. Please take your time and review the entire entry by clicking on each section below.

My name is Evie T. and I am the proud new owner of a HYLA, as you well know since I got mine from you. I am writing to you today to thank you for being an answer to my prayer and making a difference in the quality of the lives of me and my family! My expectations and hopes of what this little baby would do have been met and exceeded!

[My Son Joshua's Asthma] [How I got my HYLA] [My HYLA Experience] [Coughing Cat] [Final Words]


Evie T.

Cindy G. - Elyria, OH

I love my Hyla as it makes my work so much easier, no more dusting! When my friends come over they say “What type of candle are you burning and where did you get it?” I tell them I don't burn candles anymore, I own a Hyla, and I will send my consultant to see them. The Hyla makes my home so much healthier for myself and my family.

Dave & Lynn - Munson, OH

I'm a vacuum connoisseur. The Hyla is the best vacuum I've ever had. We run it in the morning as an air purifier. We run a business out of the house and there are many people coming in and out each day. We run the Hyla to give the house a clean, fresh scent. It's great for the wintertime to clear the air, when we can't open the windows. We have 2 cats and a dog and it cleans all pet hair. The Hyla doesn't have an animal smell when you turn it on, like other vacuums do....Which I love! It picks up hair and dirt, really really really really really good. Cleans floors, corners, and baseboards great. We love the engineering, it is very durable. It is easy to put together, to clean and to pull around. It was a great investment!

Kris T. - Arkansas

I recently purchased a HYLA from Josh Brock out of the Conway, AR store and I have used this machine more in the past 2 months than I have used any other machine total. I was impressed by how well it cleaned any surface that I used it on, and believe me, I have used it on everything. The floors, drapes, couches, fans, beds, and even my baby girl’s high chair. It does a tremendous job no matter what surface I am cleaning.

Having a 10-month-old girl, I know that it is my responsibility to provide for her a safe and clean environment. After I use the HYLA, I feel that I have done my best to provide that to her. Knowing that my daughter can crawl around on our floors and not have to worry about what she could pickup, brings me a peace of mind that only the HYLA can give.

My wife and friends sort of give me a hard time about how much I love to vacuum, I say “it’s not just vacuuming, I’m using the best machine out there.” I enjoy using this machine so much that I use it every single day, sometimes twice a day, and every so often three times a day. Maybe a little excessive, but I’ve never heard anyone complain because their house was too clean. So thank you HYLA team for helping me make my home what every home should be, clean!!!!!

Amy R. - Oreana, ID

I live in the high desert in Idaho and I wanted to share the amazing results I've had with my HYLA. After purchasing the HYLA, I vacuumed my 5 year old, not-so-great carpet. Oh the amount of dirt that came out of that carpet was astounding! My carpet had new life to it; it had never looked better. Then on to my furniture and mattresses, when I was finished the furniture looked new, it had the sheen and look of a newly delivered set. My house smelled of clean and fresh rain! People would walk in the door and comment on how good it smelled in my house.

This summer season has been a bad allergy season in our area. The entire last month, I would open the house at night and let the cool air in, but every morning my daughter and I would wake up sneezing and miserable. One day I decide to give the HYLA a test. I closed up the house, vacuumed well, and then cleaned the air with the purifier. I kept the house closed up during the night, we took no allergy medicine and went to sleep. We had no congestion or sneezing the entire night, and woke up feeling great. The HYLA cleaned the air in my house of the pollens and allergens that had affected us for a month. In one hour, we were breathing good air and felt incredibly better.

I have used many different machines through the years, as I have a house cleaning company. I have never used a machine that equals the HYLA. It is worth the investment!

Louisa Da Silva, DS Cleaning & Maid Service - Pembroke Pines, FL

When I started developing our business model I noticed a frustrating trend among professional residential cleaning companies - vacuums! My biggest question was: "How can I run a green, Luxury Company that outperforms our competition in terms of safety, performance and value??" The arduous task of vacuuming and dust are the top reasons one hires a cleaning service. There are many downsides to a traditional vacuum in a cleaning business: upright vacuums are heavy and difficult to store. Smaller can vacuums aren't as efficient for a commercial setting. The cost of filters and bags are astronomical when you calculate different team operating 6 days a week. Furthermore, the bags create another hurdle--are the cleaners changing or cleaning the bags between homes? How about infections and insects (fleas and ticks)?

The HYLA vacuum was the solution to all of our problems. Also, the air purification component was a bonus we can use as an add-on feature to our services. Marketing to individuals with allergies, pets and children has been a huge plus! It has become a whole other revenue source for us!

In the beginning I worried about the initial investment but quickly understood that these vacuums are built differently; they're not built to break down. If a clog happens it can be cleared up within seconds, there any "mechanics" to it which means no more tools (screw drivers, belts and such) to troubleshoot. Most of the maintenance issues I've had is switching out a power cord from normal wear and tear; when one works them as much as we do, that is expected.

I've only needed one of our vacuums to be serviced for motor issue 2 years after purchase and the warranty covered it. I just dropped it off and came back a few days later. It is our experience that most of our fixes can be fixed while we wait. I just sit in their beautiful lobby, make a few phone calls and then Hector comes back with the fixed machine. Being so close to the manufacturer, every green and professional cleaning service in our area should use the HYLA system.

I would never think to run my business without it!

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